Women from DAD say the "problem is with men who are slaves of power"

Women from DAD said that "women's problem is with men who are slaves of power, who commoditize women, make love the objective subject of sexuality,” and added that they will always use their right of self-defense against the system that isolates them.

Representatives of Democratic Alevi Associations (DAD) criticized the policies of the governments against violence, killings and sexual attacks against women, and said that these are caused precisely by the attitude of the government.

DAD co-chair, Saime Topçu, Headquarters executive, Nergiz Güzel, and DAD Izmir Branch co-chair, Nebahat Çelik, spoke to ANF about the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women.

Women are considered objects

DAD co-chair, Saime Topçu, stated that all kinds of violence against women stems from the policies of the government and added: “From past to present, the masculine mentality has used god's law against women as the ground of its own existence. So men based everything they said and did on god's law. With this they created a patriarchal culture. This culture, which said Eve was created from Adam's rib, made woman an object of pleasure for man. The divine ground for the woman's depravity was prepared. From this point of view, we can understand the source of the attitudes and policies of the governments towards violence against women.

These discriminatory approaches and policies towards women are so widespread and global that they are everywhere, like a cancer cell”.

We will defend ourselves

Nergiz Güzel, DAD Headquarters executive, noted that women will always use their right to self-defense. “The capitalist system is a system that commodifies women, makes women the object of love and sexuality, isolates women and de-identifies them. We Alevi women do not have gender discrimination. Women will defend themselves with their own strength against those killing women.”

DAD Izmir co-chair, Nebahat Çelik, said: “Women's problems are with men who are slaves of power” and added: “Our concern is to liberate enslaved societies. The Istanbul Convention is a right gained as a result of the struggles of the peoples of the world. We will not give up our rights as women. On the contrary, we will defend ourselves by increasing the struggle in all areas and defending life equally.”