Women from Shengal go to Rojava for solidarity with Afrin

Women from Shengal have gone to Rojava in solidarity with the campaign launched by Kongreya Star for Afrin.

Shengal Autonomous Administration Co-president Zehra Silêman and Ezidi Women’s Freedom Movement (TJAÊ) executive Zehrî Şemp have arrived in Rojava on behalf of women from Shengal in solidarity with Afrin which is under the occupation of the Turkish state and allied mercenaries.

Visiting the Kongreya Star office in Qamishlo, the Ezidi women were welcomed by Kongreya Star Spokeswoman Evîn Siwê, Kongreya Star Afrin official Wehîda Xelîl and Kongreya Star Diplomatic Relations Official Mekiya Hiso.

Speaking here, Zehra Silêman pointed out that what was done in Shengal is being repeated in Afrin today.

Ezidi women delivered the aid they had gathered for the people of Afrin to Kongreya Star to be sent to the camps in Shehba.