Women hold Jineology seminar at the Lavrio Camp in Greece

A Jineology seminar was held at the Lavrio camp in Greece. The paradigm of Kurdish leader Abdullah Öcalan was debated at the seminar.

The Kurdish Women's Movement in Europe (Tevgera Jinên Kurdistan a Ewropa, TJK-E) and the European Jineology Committee (Komiteya Jineolojiya Ewropa) organized a Jineology (Women’s Science) seminar in Lavrio camp in Greece. Images of women revolutionaries and posters of Kurdish leader Abdullah Öcalan were displayed in the area where the seminar was held with the participation of numerous people.

TJK-E member Berivan Karakoyun delivered the opening speech and pointed out that science should not serve governments, but rather respond to the needs of the society. Karakoyun stated that Jineology will build itself on these criticisms. “The sexist and authoritarian construction of sociology, which is the mother of all sciences, has shattered the social structure. This fundamental problem has created the need for a new method-science. This need for science can be fulfilled by making woman a new theme of science. The root of the structural problems lies in the fact that women have been left to the mercy of the masculine mentality. The solution to this can be possible with the construction of a female mentality. In this context, the methodology of Sociology of Freedom and the Art of Interpretation, developed by Kurdish leader Abdullah Öcalan who has made significant contributions to the women's liberation struggle both theoretically and practically, are ground-breaking”.


European Jineology Committee Member Sara Marcha delivered her speech in Kurdish, saying the following:

“Jineology is a Kurdish concept. Jineology essentially means the science of women through which the concepts woman and science are redefined on the basis of the 'Democratic, Ecological and Women's Freedom Paradigm' introduced by Öcalan. This paradigm is a great opportunity for the women of the world. As Öcalan stated, its main goal is to consider women as the 'essence of sociology' beyond gender, and to analyse the entire system of exploitation, specifically the relations of domination, on this basis. Jineology manifests an opposition to all power ideologies that develop through sexism. It is the science of fighting against femicide.”

“As Öcalan said, in an attempt to understand the motto 'Jin, Jiyan, Azadi' [Woman, Life, Freedom], Jineology researches into women, life and freedom. It is based on comprehending the nature of women and the society. It also concerns writing the history of women's slavery and freedom and creating a social science on which women's confederalism will be based.”