Women in Istanbul defend Istanbul Convention

Violence against women, massacre, sexual assaults were protested by Women Strong Together in Şişli, Istanbul.

Women Strong Together took action against the language of violence used against women as well as the massacre of women, sexual assault and hate against LGBTI+.

“Pınar Gültekin is our rebellion. HDK co-spokesperson Idil Uğurlu joined the action together with many women. Women in the action shouted slogans that highlighted the importance of the Istanbul Convention.

Reading the statement during the action, Handan Özcan said that the laws and conventions that protect women from male violence once again have remained on paper with the murder of Pınar Gültekin, and noted that the authorities and law enforcement officers who should protect women and children are just watching.

Stating that each article of the Istanbul Convention was created and written as a result of the great struggle of women. Handan said: “We women will not allow the cancellation of the Istanbul Convention.”