Women in Raqqa and Manbij take to the streets against Turkish invasion

Women in Raqqa and Manbij took to the streets to condemn the invading Turkish state’s attacks on North and East Syrian territories.

The invading Turkish state continues the attacks on North-East Syrian territories. Rejecting the invasion attacks, women held protest marches, led by Zenubiya Women’s Group, in Raqqa and Manbij.


Under the slogan “We will defend our revolution and establish peace in the spirit of Martyr Sosin”, women in Raqqa took to the streets to protest the Turkish army’s attacks on the region and called on the occupiers to leave North and East Syria.

The march promoted by Zenubiya Women’s Group began in front of the stadium in the city centre.

During the march, the activists carried banners reading “Where is the conscience of the international community in the face of Erdogan’s crimes against women living in the Middle East?” and “No to Turkish invasion in Syria, Iraq and Libya”.

Itimad Ehmed, a member of Zenubiya Women’s Group, addressed the crowd during a rally that followed the protest march, saying, “The invading Turkish army intends to sow discord and trigger a war to achieve their objectives. They aim to invade the other regions of Syria; they recklessly slaughter the civilians.

Yesterday was World Peace Day. Where is peace? Where is humanity?” asked Itimad Ehmed and remarked that there will never be peace as long as people exist that seek to be enslaved, indicating the Turkish army’s massacres and genocides.

Nermin Miri, a member of the Internal Security Forces, said, “We reject Erdogan’s attacks on North and East Syria.”

The demonstration ended with slogans saluting Kurdish leader Abdullah Öcalan and women’s resistance, and paying tribute to the martyrs.


Zenubiya Women’s Group Manbij Bureau made a statement on the occasion of 1 September World Peace Day, saying the following:

“With our faith in women’s role in encouraging love, cooperation, fraternity and co-existence in society building, we congratulate all resisting free women who struggle for peace, on the occasion of World Peace Day.

The world celebrates 1 September World Peace Day, with determination to build a peaceful world and stop wars. This is the most natural and most legitimate right of all peoples demanding a safe and peaceful life. Women have been affected the most by the war, devastation and migration experienced in the territories occupied by the Turkish state.

Since our regions were liberated from terrorism, we have been leading a safe life. This became possible firstly thanks to the resisting women. They fight for freedom and embrace only an honourable life. For this very reason, the most basic demand of women is a peaceful and free life. They keep their spirits up in order to take active roles in all fields of life, even after heavy combat.

As long as the invading Turkish state continues to commit crimes against the peoples of the region, peace cannot be built in our regions. Peace means security and welfare, not death or devastation.

Human rights organisations should fulfil their missions and stop all attacks against Syrian peoples.”