Women Journalists’ Platform remembers Deniz Fırat

Four years ago, Kurdish journalist Deniz Firat was killed in an attack by the ISIS in the Makhmur refugee camp in southern Kurdistan on August 8, 2014.

Kurdish journalist Deniz Firat came from the northern Kurdistan province of Van and lived with her family in the Makhmur refugee camp in southern Kurdistan. In August 2014, ISIS attacked areas near the Yazidi land of Shengal and surrounding areas including Makhmur. Deniz Firat documented the events on-site with her camera and conveyed the barbaric attacks of ISIS against the Kurds. She lost her life as a result of an ISIS attack on 8th August in 2014.

The Mesopotamia Women Journalists’ Platform (MKGP) released a statement remembering Kurdish journalist Deniz Firat on the fourth anniversary of her death.

The statement by MKGB said;

"The name Deniz Firat stands for courage, willpower and resistance. On the fourth anniversary of her death we commemorate her with great respect. The legacy she left us shows us our way. Her weapon was her camera which now lies on our shoulders and with which we will continue to bring the truth to light and illuminate the darkness.”