Women, labor and laughter...

We witnessed a day in the guerrilla life. A day full of labor and laughter. Every time guerrillas work, a smile appears on their face. When the guerrillas laugh, their eye shines.

Another day in the guerrilla zones. The sun is slowly coming out. But the 'Rojbaş' [Good Morning] of the guerrilla has awakened everyone before the sun.

That "good morning" voice to the world: 'Let us revive humanity once more, waking the world from death sleep. Let us be the water to prevent the tree of humanity from drying out."

To the young people the voice said: "For the revenge of thousands of young people who gave their lives for freedom. For our ancestors who were slaughtered on the road to freedom in Kurdistan. Their only hope was their grandchildren who would take revenge."

Once again, we were welcomed by guerrillas with love and hospitality. The smile of the guerrillas leaves no tiredness in a person. We witnessed a day of the guerrilla.

A day full of labor and laughter. Every time guerrillas are working, laughter appears on their face. Every smile is accompanied by more effort.

I wonder what's the secret? How can one get so tired and yet be so enjoyable? With love and affection, the spirit of the human being comes alive once again. All the load on the shoulders of the human being is lifted. It is so effective. When the guerrilla laughs, his eye shines. When women combine smile with labor, they become more and more beautiful.

How does labor grow in the eyes of the female guerilla? How does she combine love and devotion? We wanted the title of this article to be 'woman, labor and laughter'. Let the women be seen to be one with labor and laughter.

These women work against the occupation, they fight for women. With this struggle they are getting bigger by the day. Life in the autonomous area of the guerilla is better than anything else.

Companionship, sharing, love and loyalty are at the highest level in guerrilla. Commander Nuda wanted to send two guerrillas to a long mission. When she sent the guerrillas on duty, she did not forget to give them a few warnings.

When guerrillas come off duty, there are no signs of fatigue on their faces. A day of guerrilla passes like this. The day ended with laughter, love and farewell.