“Women of Kurdistan should unite against the Turkish state”

The women’s delegation from South Kurdistan, currently in Rojava for solidarity with the resistance against invasion, called for all women from Kurdistan to unite against the Turkish state.

A women's delegation from South Kurdistan (Bashur) went to Rojava on Sunday to express their solidarity with the ongoing resistance against Turkish genocidal campaign seeking to invade the region.

The delegation, which consists of twelve female politicians, journalists and activists, visited Kongreya Star on Monday, received by Kongreya Star Coordination Board member Asya Abdullah, Spokeswoman Evîn Swêd and members Evîn Başo, Şêrîn Oso and Zeynep Efrîn.

“Visit shows the importance women attach to national unity”

Speaking during the meeting, Kongreya Star member Evîn Başo thanked the women’s delegation for their visit and their support for the Resistance of Honor. She said the visit shows the importance women in four parts of Kurdistan attach to national unity.

Referring to the genocidal campaign of the Turkish state and allied mercenaries, Evîn continued; “They have committed too many crimes in North and East Syria. Peoples, mainly women, have been targeted by very cruel attacks. Banned weapons were used and immoral treatment was committed on the bodies of our martyrs. Despite everything, we have full trust in our self-power. Kurds have the potential to expel invaders from four parts of Kurdistan should they get united.”

“Women of Kurdistan should unite”

Women from the South Kurdistan delegation spoke afterwards. They pointed out the importance of Kurdish national unity and called for all women living in Kurdistan to unite as free women are under the attack of the Turkish state and ISIS.