Women protest the brutal killing of 13-year-old in Heseke

Women in Manbij, Aleppo and Tirbespiye condemned the brutal execution of 13-year-old girl Eyde El Seido and called for the criminals to be sentenced.

In Heseke, a 13-year-old girl was executed by family members because she refused to agree to a forced marriage with her cousin. The crime is causing horror in the autonomous regions of northern and eastern Syria and is driving women into the streets.

In Tırbespiye, Aleppo and Manbij, Young Women’s Association and Kongreya Star made statements condemning the brutal murder and called for legal action against those involved.


In Manbij, the press briefing organised by the Young Women’s Association in Sudasi Stadium was attended by members of women’s organisations.

Ciwan Semer, member of the Young Women’s Association Administration read the statement condemning the murder of the little girl named and called on child rights organisations and women’s institutions to stand against inhuman crimes and to ensure that the perpetrators are brought to account.

Denouncing the patriarchal mentality as the cause of the brutal murder, Semer stated that crimes against women target all human rights.


Members of the Kongreya Star branch in Aleppo made a statement in front of Martyr Gule Selmo Commune in Sheikh Maqsoud neighbourhood.

Zeynep Eli and Şerivan Mihemed, members of Kongreya Star, read the statement in Kurdish and Arabic, saying the following: “We condemn the murder of a 13-year-old little girl. We once again witness a crime committed under the guise of honour. Eyde was killed by her family and relatives since she rejected to be forced to marry her cousin. The honour is nothing more than an alibi for this brutal homicide. This crime exposes the backwardness and the corruption in the society. Where is the humanity and conscience in the face of these crimes? Such homicides aim to prevent women claiming their rights and to spread fear among women.

We, as Kongreya Star, reject any kind of attack against women. We will not give up the struggle until those responsible are brought to account. We, once again, announce that we will stand against these harassments and pressures against women. The violence against women targets the whole society.

We call on women in North-East Syria and all over the world to join the struggle and stand against this violence.”


Another press statement by Kongreya Star was made in Tirbespiye district of Qamishlo. The statement was read by Kongreya Star member Şerife Mihemed in front of the association branch in the east of the district.

Şerife Mihemed pointed out that Kongreya Star, since it was established, has aimed to organise women and defend their achievements. She continued, “For years, women have been tortured, killed, raped and humiliated by their husbands, fathers and brothers. On the other hand, they have been forced to marry and have faced many challenges over polygamy. Women’s bodies have been traded as a property. All these circumstances are the reflection of the patriarchal mentality that targets the freedom of women.”

The statement called for the perpetrators to be brought to justice and called on all women in the world, especially in North-East Syria to struggle against the violations of women’s rights.