‘Women's Initiative to Defend Kurdistan Against Occupation’ established in Qamishlo

Dozens of women have announced in Qamishlo, Rojava the establishment of the “Women's Initiative to Defend Kurdistan Against Occupation.”

‘Rojava Kurdish Women's Consultation Meeting’ was held in Qamishlo on May 15 under the leadership of North-East Syrian women’s umbrella organization, Kongra Star.

At the meeting, the participants decided to establish the “Women Initiative to Defend Kurdistan Against Occupation.”

48 women from Rojava and 24 more from other parts of Kurdistan joined the Initiative. The women who represent different women's organizations released a joint statement, which includes the following:

“In the 21st century, crises and chaos are escalating day by day. The century’s predicament affects all areas of life and the world as a whole. Wars, conflicts, migrations, hunger, ecological problems, anti-democratic practices, oppression, labour exploitation and occupation indicate that the world system is in a great crisis. Even though the crises are global, its fallout is experienced the most in the Middle East. To put it in another way, the Third World War is already taking place in the lands of the Middle East. The cradle of humanity and civilization is witnessing a power struggle between regional and international powers today. Kurdistan has become the hotbed of this war. A new world order will be established as a result of this war. Both the pro-state forces and the democratic forces of the people are trying to determine the character of the new system.

The Kurdish people, and especially Kurdish women, have a significant place in the eyes of the global democratic forces and the region. Today, especially the Rojava Revolution and the struggle of the Kurdish people to establish a new alternative draws great interest all over the world. However, global and regional conflicts are also escalating on the soil of Kurdistan. In the meantime, the Turkish state wants to realize its 1920 National Pact through massacres and occupation on the 100th establishment anniversary of the republic. Therefore, it wants to complete the genocide against the Kurds. Turkey seeks to prevent the Kurdish people from obtaining an official and democratic status within the new world order. In this context, it is waging a genocidal war not only within its own borders, but also in Rojava )West) and Bashur (South) Kurdistan. Turkey is attempting to destroy all the gains of the Kurds.

Turkey specifically targets women in this war to exterminate the Kurds. Because women are currently leading the fight against fascism and power to build a free and dignified life. Turkey is waging a special war to eliminate female leadership. As a result, hundreds of Kurdish female politicians, patriots and activists are kept under isolation and torture in Turkey’s prisons. Many Yazidi women are still held captive. Furthermore, the Kurdish women in the occupied regions of Rojava are in captivity of the Turkish state forces and its mercenaries. Prominent Kurdish women have been targeted and murdered from the Paris killings to Kobane.

Even though Kurdish women face further massacres by the invading Turkish state, they do not back down from their leading role in the struggle of their people. They fulfil their national duties and responsibilities to defend the existence and freedom of their people.

As women, we know that we need unity more than ever. Women's unity has a strategic role in protecting Kurdistan from invasion. When women join forces, they can achieve victory in all areas of life.

In order to put an end to Turkish occupation and prevent further attacks, women in all four parts of Kurdistan and abroad are supposed to take a common stance immediately. In this context, based on the decisions taken at the Rojava Kurdish Women's Consultation Meeting held in Qamishlo on May 15, we have established the ‘Women's Initiative to Defend Kurdistan Against Occupation.’

We will initiate joint work and activities from now on to strengthen the unity of women in order to put an end to Turkish occupation and prevent further attacks. Our motto is “Women defend Kurdistan against Occupation.” Therefore, we announce the establishment of our initiative to the public. We call on all women to join us to defy the Turkish attacks and to protect Kurdistan.”