Women’s platform in Turkey introduces new campaign

The Women's Councils of the ‘We Will Stop Femicides Platform’ (KCDP) vowed to raise the struggle in the new period, saying, "We will stand up and resist throughout the country."

The ‘We Will Stop Femicides Platform’ (KCDP), which initiated a new line of struggle under the motto "Apply the constitution, law, convention", held an online meeting on May 16 with the participation of 750 platform members from 6 countries and 73 provinces of Turkey. A series of decisions were made at the meeting where Turkey’s withdrawal from the Istanbul Convention and the events that followed were discussed.


The decisions made by women are as follows:

"* As we have raised our organized struggle all over the country so far, we will raise our motto “Apply the constitution, law, convention” in all provinces. We will carry out mass and simultaneous actions in every part of the country against all injustices and unlawfulness.

* We will develop methods to ally with other opposition groups struggling against lawlessness.

* We will lead social opposition with all our experience in the women's movement. Like the struggle to stop femicide, we will carry out this struggle with specific aims.

* We will now explain everywhere the Constitution that the government is obliged to implement, just as we explained the regulation no. 6284 to the whole society. We will protect our fundamental rights and freedoms and denounce all the contradictions in case of violations.

* We will use all existing legal ways against unlawful decrees. We will appeal to the Council of State when necessary. Social groups whose fundamental rights are violated will be able to apply to us to carry out the struggle together.

* We will carry out a social media work where we explain our political line, explain the lawlessness experienced by all segments of society and share their struggles. We will try to spread our struggle through various video contents, animations and publications.

* As the deadline to abolish the Istanbul Convention – July 1st- approaches, we will introduce events focusing on the Istanbul Convention. We will stand up throughout the country. "

The KCDP met journalists yesterday as part of its new period struggle line.