Women’s workshop addresses “The Phenomenon of Political Islam”

The Syrian Democratic Council’s Women’s Office held a workshop entitled “Women Confront Political Islam and Exclusion”.

The Women’s Office of the Syrian Democratic Council (SDC or MSD) held on Monday a workshop entitled “Women Confront Political Islam and Exclusion” at the SDC’s office in Hasakah city.

Women activists, members of civil society organizations, and independent figures, as well as women members of the SDC attended the workshop.

The workshop included three themes. The first theme addressed a presentation on the term “political Islam” with real-life examples. Also, it emphasized the role of women in confronting the spread of political Islam and exclusion.

The workshop concluded with a number of key outcomes, including:

– Taking appropriate measures to reduce discrimination and exclusion against women in their political activities and life in general.

– Eliminating any stereotypical concepts about the roles of men and women in all stages of life.

– Encouraging and supporting women through knowledge and empowerment.

– Working to challenge traditional gender roles in society and culture.

– Eliminating biases, customary practices, and other practices based on the belief that men and women have stereotypical roles.