Women sentenced to house arrests and electronic handcuffs in Amed

One of 11 women detained in Amed on 20 March and ordered to wear electronic handcuffs, HDP Sur Co-Chair Sevim Coşkun said this is yet another way in which the state tries to prevent women struggle. 

On 20 March, in Yenişehir, Amed, 14 women who had gone on hunger strike in solidarity with Leyla Güven and the other hunger strikers demanding the end of isolation against Kurdish People's Leader Abdullah Öcalan, were detained.

Eleven of the women were sentenced to house arrest and have to wear electronic handcuffs. HDP Sur district co-chair Sevim Coşkun, one of the women forced to use electronic handcuffs, said that this is the first time in Amed that this measure was applied on women.

Stating that the state is resorting to this new measure in order to empty prisons in Turkey and Kurdistan a bit, Coşkun added that this is also a way the state uses to hit at women who are at the front of the struggle. 


Coşkun was taken into custody on 20 March for supporting the hunger strike. "We were detained for 5 days. We were then forced to use electronic handcuffs by the court and sent to house arrest. The state is trying to break women, not just HDP women but all women struggling.”

Coşkun ended her remarks by stating: “We will never step back from the cause of our people against the repression of the state. Because Leyla Güven is right and stand by her. Isolation is a crime against humanity. It is necessary to end the isolation imposed on Mr. Öcalan. I call on everyone to support and give voice to Leyla Güven and the prisoners."