Women took the lead in the Kobanê resistance

Hîva Hiso stated that women were on the front lines of the Kobanê fight against ISIS attacks on September 15, 2014 and protected their territories.

Responding to the ISIS onslaught on Kobanê that began in September 2014, the People's Defense Units (YPG) and Women's Defense Units (YPJ) freed the city in January 2015. The Kobanê resistance had an impact on many parts of the world. Leading celebrities and thinkers from all over the world declared November 1st to be World Kobanê Day.

Hîva Hiso (45), a mother of eight children, was one of the women who took part in the Kobanê liberation battle. Hiso battled to safeguard her country by participating in the battle on the front lines against ISIS attacks on September 15, 2014. Hiso, a participant in Kobanê's liberation fight, spoke to JINNEWS about their struggle and war.

'Our land is more valuable than everything'

Describing her participation in the war, Hiso said: “When the war approached the city centre, the residents were forced to flee to Northern Kurdistan. As a result, I took my husband and children to the north. It's difficult for a mother to be away from her children. However, the land is more important and valuable. I pledged not to abandon the troops. To the best of my abilities, I kept my promise. When the war was at its peak, I was in charge of the veterans and the injured. We did not only resist the gangs, but also hunger, cold, and thirst. I took the spirit of fight and strength from my comrades when I looked at them. Women were the vanguard of the Kobanê resistance. During the fight, many people were killed. What drew my attention and impressed me the most was how injured fighters quickly treated themselves. "Why do you expect to recover so quickly?" I asked once. 'We want to recover as fast as possible and fill the voids in the troops again,' they replied. I participated in Asayish (public security force) after the battle in Aleppo. Later, as the war raged on, we moved to Kobanê. After that, I joined Kobanê Asayish. This is a task I carry out to this day."

'The enemies were defeated’

Hiso, who struggled at the height of the war, continued as follows: “The bloodiest battles took place on the customs street and at the border gate. "Kobanê is about to fall," Erdogan said during the battle at the gate. However, the resistance of the freedom fighters hindered Erdogan's aspirations and prevented Erdogan's pledge from being fulfilled. We were besieged at the time, and only one street remained unoccupied. Nobody thought Kobanê would succeed. The warriors' will and faith brought them victory. I witnessed ISIS gangs crossing the border with my own eyes. ISIS groups were training in Turkey and preparing to move to Kobanê. ISIS was defeated as a result of the resistance of Kobanê fighters. We repelled powerful weapons with rifles due to a lack of resources. Our determination was greater than the enemy's tanks and guns. ISIS gangs armed with heavy weapons were deployed in mosques, as well as on the train track. We were only a few steps away from them. We fought at close quarters, especially in city battles.”

'We were not afraid at all'

Hiso concluded her words as follows: “We will liberate other areas in the same way we liberated Kobanê.

For days, we were hungry, thirsty, and sleepless, yet we were never terrified. We drove the ISIS gangs back to the town of Baxoz near Iraqi border. If the Turkish state is fighting us today, it is because they are unable to accept ISIS' defeat. The Turkish state initiated a dirty war and lost it against all the people in the areas it seized. It is now pursuing a special war policy. Their goal is to change the demographic structure of the region by undermining peace and stability and expelling residents.”