Workshop on child marriage in Raqqa

Workshop on child marriage held in the Taj Hall in Raqqa.

Young women from across North and East Syria and 100 women, including representatives from Switzerland and Belgium, attended a workshop on child marriage held in the Taj Hall in Raqqa.

In the workshop, 3 sessions were held on causes of child marriage, methods to reduce child marriage and scientific approach to child marriage.

A presentation was made by Jineoloji Center Board Member Xaliya Neimê on the topic of reasons for child marriage. Xaliya noted that child marriage occurs because when there are no deterrent sanctions against violence against women.

Esma Mustafa, an executive of the Afrin Region Young Women's Union, made a presentation in the second session dedicated to find answers to the question ‘How to reduce child marriage’. Mustafa pointed out that international measures should be taken and strategies protecting women's rights should be implemented in order to reduce the rate of child marriage.

Speaking on the issue, Tabqa Young Women's Association member Hemîda Mihemed emphasized that serious work should be done to protect women's rights and thus both child marriage and violence against women could be prevented.

The third session was dedicated to the scientific approach to the problem of child marriage and saw the presentations of Cizre Region Young Women's Union executive Medya Mihemed and psychologist Hêzil Mihemed.

The two women underlined that 12 million girls under the age of 18 are married each year, and these marriages have a negative physical and psychological impact on children.