World women's movements to meet in Berlin

Hundreds of delegates from 41 countries will attend the 2nd International Women's Conference organized in Berlin by the Women Weaving Future Network .

Haskar Kırmızıgül from the Jineology Academy, who took part in the preparations for the 2nd International Women's Conference, pointed out the importance of the will to implement the decisions to be taken by the conference, which will be quite comprehensive in terms of participation and content.

The 2nd International Women's Conference to be held on November 5-6 at Berlin Technical University with the slogan "Our Revolution: Liberating Life". Kırmızıgül spoke to ANF about the preparatory work, content and goals. She said that the conference will be attended by women's movements from different countries, and added that the aim of women to unite against capitalist modernity and the male-dominated system.

Kırmızıgül said that the conference was organized by the ever-expanding Women's Weave Future Network led by the Kurdish Women's Movement and added: "Women's movements from Latin America, the Middle East, Asia and Europe also took part in the organization because this network is actually a shared network. That's the purpose, anyway. To unite the struggle of women together against the male-dominated system and capitalist modernity, to find common points and to gather energy in the struggle of women against the system. This conference is actually a continuation of the first one, held in Frankfurt in 2018. This time it will be held at the Technical University in Berlin.”

800 people registered from 41 countries

Noting that the conference was important not only for the Kurdish Women's Movement but also for many other movements, Kırmızıgül gave the following information: "More than 800 people from 41 countries registered and we actually had to stop the registration process, due to the insufficiency of the hall. Among these 41 countries, there are not only European but also Middle Eastern women living in Europe as immigrants, and there are women from Afghanistan. Here again, there are participants from Sudan, Yemen, India, Philippines, Guatemala, Colombia, Argentina and all European countries. Another noteworthy aspect is that, especially this time, the request for participation from the Balkan countries is very high. There are also Palestinian women. One of the women's movements in Turkey...”

The conference will be a start

Kırmızıgül added that the conference will be a start and continued: “How will this beginning, this partnership, this colourfulness, this environment, the enormous unity created by these differences inspire us and every woman attending this conference? The power of women will be revealed a little here. For me, the most important thing is to make it practical. Our effort will be in this direction. I already believe that this conference will be a great success, create great hope and end with a great claim. I would like to express my thanks and gratitude to everyone who has contributed so far. This puts a responsibility on every woman who attends the conference. I think everyone will take their place in the conference with this responsibility.”