Yazidi Women from Afrin: We’ll struggle to liberate home

Yazidi women remember the genocide on August 3, 2014.

Yazidi women from Afrin said that whoever tries to annihilate someone’s identity begins with women first.

The women emphasized that they would increase the struggle to liberate Afrin and would not allow the Turkish state occupation to annihilate the Kurdish people.

Afrin Yazidi women spoke to ANHA about the 4th anniversary of the August 3 genocide.

Leyla Shamo reminded that massacres have been carried out against the Yazidi community throughout their history and added: "The people of Shengal came under the brutal attacks carried out by DAESH mercenaries four years ago. Such brutal assaults indicate that the perpetratord have attacked the Yazidis because of their weakness and their cowardice. In fact, the targeting, assassination, abduction, torture and violence against women is a sign of weakness against women's will”.

Xatûn Ebdo said that the Turkish state and the DAESH mercenaries are a partner in their attack against women.

"The occupation of Afrin by the Turkish state and allied mercenaries is still on. Turkey supports the mercenaries especially to get rid of Kurdish people, and in particular the Yazidis. Therefore, the international community and the public should question the Shengal massacre, and act to get Turkey out of Afrin to prevent yet another massacre”.

Qiret Betal said that the invading Turkish army and mercenaries continued to massacre the women of Shengal in Afrin.

“Afrin women know the savagery of the Turkish state and its mercenaries. - she said - We will carry on our struggle until we free Afrin from the invasion. We will prevent the Turkish state and its mercenaries from reaching their goal of destroying Kurdish people, and the Yazidi people in particular."