Yazidi Women's Freedom Movement publishes final conference declaration

The final declaration of the conference organized by the Yazidi Women's Freedom Movement (TAJÊ) in Shengal with the participation of 350 delegates has been published.

A conference titled “Towards a Women's Revolution with Jin, Jiyan, Azadî” was held in Shengal on 23 April with the participation of 350 delegates and a large number of Yazidi and Arab women.

The final declaration emphasized that the struggle would be strengthened.

The statement reads as follows:

"TAJÊ held a conference called 'Towards a Women's Revolution with Jin, Jiyan, Azadi' on 23 April with the participation of 350 delegates. Guests from Baghdad, South Kurdistan and Germany also attended the conference. Our guests from Russia and Rojava who wanted to attend the conference were blocked by the Iraqi government. Guests who could not attend the conference, such as the Yazidi Women of Armenia, Yazidi politician Feleknas Uca, Lebanese Freedom for Leader Öcalan Initiative Spokesperson Mihemiya Sosin Shaman, Yazidi women from Russia and the Rojava Yazidi Women's Union sent the conference a video message. KCK Presidential Council member Sozdar Avesta also sent a video message to the conference and talked about the importance of Leader Öcalan's ideas and philosophy for the liberation and organization of the Yazidi women. Important messages came to the fore in the seminars given. The ideas and philosophy of Leader Öcalan and the insistence of the Yazidi women on freedom were discussed the most. Leader Öcalan's struggle for women's freedom has tangible results for Yazidi women today.

Important topics in the seminars were the leadership and heroism of Yazidi women who built the culture of resistance throughout Yazidi history. Speakers said that the resistance today is expressed by the philosophy of Jin, Jiyan and Azadi, and that the Yazidi women can only avenge the 73 massacres against them with this philosophy.

In addition, the issue that Yazidi women consider themselves responsible for breaking the isolation of Leader Öcalan came to the fore. The promise that the struggle for the physical freedom of Leader Öcalan would increase was reiterated. At the second congress of TAJÊ, it was decided to ‘work to understand Leader Öcalan's ideas and philosophy, and to take a stance by treating the attacks against Önder Öcalan as attacks against ourselves’.

Addressing Jineoloji as a women's science was one of the highlights of the conference. The women also drew attention to the importance of the organization of young women, women's self-defense forces and the protection of the revolutionary gains in Northern and Eastern Syria.

The participation of Kurdish, Arab, Christian and Yazidi women in the conference showed once again that women, regardless of their nationality, religion or belief, can bring together Leader Öcalan's ideas and philosophy and carry on the women's freedom struggle. Gathering around the slogan of 'Jin, Jiyan, Azadi', women declared that they would stand against all kinds of inequality, violence and attacks and will expand the women's liberation struggle."