YJŞ Command commemorates Sakine, Fidan and Leyla

“As YJŞ, we are the Êzidî women who take over the legacy of the struggle of the Sara’s. Her passion for freedom, irrevocable will, unshakable resistance, longing and hopes will continue to become a light for our struggle.”

The YJŞ (Shengal Women’s Units) Command released a statement marking the fifth anniversary of assassination of PKK founding member Sakine Cansız, KNK Paris representative Fidan Doğan and Kurdish youth movement member Leyla Şaylemez in the heart of French capital Paris five years ago.

The statement by YPJ Command said the following;

"We commemorate with respect and gratitude the martyrs of the Paris massacre, Sakine Cansız, Leyla Şaylemez and Fidan Doğan, on the fifth anniversary of their martyrdom, and we state that we have taken over with honour the resistance and freedom legacy passed onto all women resisting against the exploitative sovereignist male civilization on all four corners of the world. We will not sway from the course of their memories until we fulfill their longings and ideals. On this occasion, we condemn the international hegemonic forces which carried out the Paris conspiracy, we as Êzidî women will organize and endure the struggle for freedom of women, and reiterate the promise of continuing from where our martyrs left.

The search for new ways of life led by women especially in Kurdistan and the entire Middle East, and the revolutionary transformation developed in the name of the Sakine’s has been desired to be drowned and defeated with the massacre of Sakine’s by the hands of the colonial Turkish hitmen in front of the whole world, in Paris, one of the main centers for capitalist barbarism. The will and stand of the resisting woman and the free woman that is unconquerable, which developed in the name of Sakine Cansız, have become the main fear of male sovereign reactionism and all colonialist powers.

In the name of Sakines, the free woman's resurrection and the free new sociality is desired to be eradicated, and all dreams of freedom have been desired to be crushed. In this sense, the 9th January Paris massacre, all the resisting women in the name of the Sakines became the target of international hegemonic powers.

It is not a coincidence that such a massacre against pioneering revolutionary women- a source of inspiration for all the oppressed-took place when the freedom struggle enhanced by our people in all four parts of Kurdistan and in the colonial metropolises, mountains and prisons was at its nearest to victory.

Sakine; the voice of all the oppressed, the resisting women, the endless voice and freedom melody of those echoing freedom songs on streets and mountains with the hope of a new and free life, will not leave our tongues and hearts until the day we crown her memories with victory.

The free women's march, which has grown with heroism for four years, finds meaning in the resistance line of the Sakines, creates great heroes and epics, and leads the way for the struggle of uprising Êzidî woman for free Shengal.

Our great struggle, taking over the resistance flag of Sakines on the basis of the resurrection of the Êzidî woman and militarization as YJŞ, will fly high in the sacred mountains of Shengal and in all the places where colonial fascist aggression lives, until victory.

The spirit of freedom of Sakines will live in the mountains of Shengal forever in the person of the Saras of Shengal; Berivans, Zilans, Tekoşins, Nujiyans, and thousands of women who took over her weapon and honor.

As YJŞ, we are the Êzidî women who take over the legacy of the struggle of the Saras. Her passion for freedom, irrevocable will, unshakable resistance, longing and hopes will continue to become a light for our struggle. We commemorate with gratitude and declare that we will adhere to the memories of the Berivans, Delals, Sêvês and all the heroes of the women's liberation struggle in the name of Sakine whom we regard as the Goddess of freedom in the modern age.”