YJA Star Commander: "March 8 united all women fighting for a free world"

YJA Star Command Council Member Hêzil Özgür addressed guerrilla troops on the occasion of March 8, International Working Women's Day.

YJA Star (Free Women’s Troops) Command Council Member Hêzil Özgür addressed the guerrilla troops to mark t on the occasion of March 8, International Working Women's Day.

Hêzil Özgür stated the following:

“First of all, as we mark March 8, we congratulate Kurdish leader Abdullah Öcalan, the architect of freedom, who promoted women’s cause. We congratulate all the mothers of martyrs, women and our comrades who resist on the battle fronts. March 8 is a very meaningful day, for which huge prices were paid. Women have always been in rebellion and resistance against the power and the system that abuse women's rights, and they have fought for their rights and freedoms. There have been multiple women's revolts in history, and women have created many leading figures to obtain their rights and create a free identity for themselves.

However, women have often faced torture, arrests, and murders. They have nevertheless not renounced the struggle for freedom. March 8 bears such a meaningful legacy. The power and the male-dominated mentality established a system based on women's subjection and did not grant women any rights. The only role assigned to women was to give birth to a child and take care of the family, and men sold women and used them as tools. The male-dominated system does not recognize the identity and will of women. Of course, there have been various struggles against this system, yet they failed to liberate women.

The emergence of Öcalan, the formation of the PKK ideology and the Apoist ideology brought about major changes. Öcalan re-evaluated and reinterpreted the history of power, the history of women and the history of society in general. He wanted to build a society that promotes free women and thus introduced a democratic, ecological and pro-women paradigm. The PKK has waged a struggle based on women's freedom. Many ideologies and organizations have emerged throughout history, but they never attached importance to women's freedom as the PKK. So, no significant progress has been made in this regard. Even many historical figures who played a role in women's liberation did not attract attention.


Öcalan drew conclusions from all these and introduced correct interpretations of society and family. A free society can be built through the freedom of women and equality between women and men. A free society should be based on democracy and diversity. Currently, women within the PKK have a free identity and have assumed leading roles in society, politics and the army. They participate in the freedom struggle and lead the revolution with their own perspectives. This has been proven in Rojava. Now, women in Rojhilat (East Kurdistan) and Iran are leading popular revolts under the iconic motto 'Jin, Jiyan, Azadi' (Woman, Life, Freedom). If women are organized and remain resolute in society, no dominant system can prevent them. What is currently happening in Rojhilat and Iran is proof of that.

Every pro-freedom individual who wants to fight dictatorships should join the rebellion. The Iranian protests standing up for Jina Amini, are also a rebellion against the male-dominated system and mentality. This uprising and struggle are inspired by Öcalan's ideology, as the 'Jin, Jiyan ,Azadi' slogan was created by him. This shows that the freedom struggle of Kurdish women has transcended the borders and they have become the leaders of the freedom struggle worldwide.

Women absolutely need a system and organization that supports them to obtain their freedom. Öcalan insists that women should have a free and independent will and therefore lead the struggle. Öcalan's struggle is entirely based on women's freedom. Therefore, many women's organizations and feminist organizations around the world embrace Öcalan's ideology and consider themselves a part of it.


After the Taliban came back to power in Afghanistan, Afghan women first sought assistance from Kurdish women. In fact, world public opinion focuses on Kurdish women. Oppressed women, especially in the Middle East, gain strength by focusing on the struggle of Kurdish women. It came out once again that the capitalist system has nothing to do with women and women's freedom. Inspired by Öcalan's ideology, women have now become leaders for the freedom of society. However, women have paid huge prices for their achievements.

When we look at the history of women's struggle within the PKK, we can realize that huge prices have been paid and thousands of women have sacrificed their lives. Women are resisting the male-dominated mentality with great will. Currently, the free women's movement plays its role in every field. Women carried out an outstanding struggle against ISIS as fighters of the YPJ in Rojava. The whole world was impressed by this struggle. They saw how Kurdish women defended both themselves and society.

Therefore, women all over the world now regard the Kurdish women's movement as their biggest supporter. Every woman gains experience from the Kurdish women's struggle and is proud of themselves to do so. As YJA Star forces, we are currently confronting the invasion of the Turkish state. Women across the world regard the YJA Star as a salvation army. The current resistance of female guerrillas offers hope and freedom to all women. The struggle introduced by the fighters such as Zîlan, Besê, Bêrîtan and Sara reached its highest level in 2022 with the help of other fighters like Rûken, Mizgîn, Rojda, Çiya and Şevîn. We need to change the ruling system in order to create a better world and a free society. As Öcalan once said, the 21st century will be a century for the freedom of women and society. Thanks to Öcalan and all our martyrs, the women's struggle has reached its peak in the contemporary world. It is our duty to protect their efforts, raise the struggle and realize freedom’s dream. We are very lucky to be members of the PKK and to fight for Öcalan's ideology.”