YJA Star guerrilla: Öcalan created freedom out of nothing

YJA Star guerrilla Silava Kobanê addressed April 4, Öcalan’s birthday, saying that, “We can embrace our leader by making life more beautiful and meaningful.”

Silava Kobanê, a guerrilla fighter in the ranks of YJA Star (Free Women’s Troops), conveyed her feelings about the birthday of Öcalan during an interview with ANF in the Medya Defence Zones, where the Kurdistan Freedom Guerrilla's positions are located in southern Kurdistan (northern Iraq).

Silava Kobanê noted that the birth of Öcalan was considered the rebirth for the Kurdish people and a day when the hopes for the freedom of humanity were restored. “We regard today as our own resurrection. It marks a milestone in our life when we become conscious and strengthened.”


Kobanê emphasized that the freedom struggle led by women in the mountains of Kurdistan today emerged thanks to the efforts of the Kurdish leader. She called attention to the guerrillas' resistance against the Turkish invasion attacks, saying:

“The historic resistance of our companions, led by our female comrades, in response to the invasion attacks on the mountains of Kurdistan was inspired by Öcalan's ideas and ideology. Fighters who have re-created themselves based on the Apoist philosophy of life are carrying out this resistance. The synergy created by the freedom struggle among women has turned into a regional and global slogan, especially among women in Kurdistan. The universalization of the slogan 'Jin, Jiyan, Azadi' (Woman, Life, Freedom) reveals the reality of the struggle for freedom.”


“As we read Öcalan’s books, we face our own reality. We realized how we grow self-aware. The depth and truth of Öcalan's philosophy is so great that every time one reads it, new insights are revealed. I would like to stress that we will continue our march for freedom by going into more depth of Öcalan's philosophy, which is the truth of our march towards freedom, and by communing with his ideas,” the YJA Star fighter said.


YJA Star guerrilla Kobanê pointed out that freedom could only be achieved through hard work. “Öcalan’s philosophy of life says that 'great efforts bring freedom', so we realize that the more we make efforts, the freer we become. Öcalan created freedom out of nothing during his 50-year freedom march,” said Kobanê, who further stated the following:

“We know that we will achieve victory by working hard, so we need to endeavor for freedom. The resistance developed by comrades such as H. Avzem and H. Rojda Kotol, who responded to attacks with their efforts in the women's freedom struggle, revealed the power of women. We, women, have no option other than freedom. Therefore, we believe that we will be liberated by identifying with Öcalan’s ideas and removing all obstacles. We will make the greatest sacrifice to secure Öcalan’s physical freedom. Our comrades, who are the symbols of outstanding resistance, showed how women can have a strong will if they are organized by relying on their own essence.

We are genuinely impressed and strengthened by the resistance that has emerged. In order to further develop the current resistance, we concentrate more and continue our activities uninterruptedly. Every moment of life in the mountains is meaningful. The meaning that is revealed in the mountains strengthens us; our most basic objective is to embrace life. We will continue our struggle with great effort so that life is not corrupted. We can embrace our leader by making life more beautiful and meaningful. Hence, we say that the leader is our cause to live.”