YJA Star Statement on March 8

YJA Star Headquarters Command issued a written statement addressed to all the women of the world to mark 8 March.

YJA Star Headquarters Command issued a written statement and celebrated all the women of the world on International Women’s Day.

The YJA Star's message said: “As we pass through a period when fascism has been raised wildly, we are witnessing a time in which women have shown the greatest dynamic power to resist.

We salute Leader Apo, the architect of the women's liberation struggle. We respectfully commemorate all martyrs who have sacrificed their life on the way of women's freedom. We greet all the women of the world fighting against male mentality, fascism and against all the violence in the world. We celebrate the 8 March as the most intimate comrade.”

The statement added: “As Leader Apo said, our claim of "making the 21st century the century of women is great. On one hand there is the enormous resistance for freedom and against the imposition of a capitalist modernity mentality that seeks to get people used to slavery. The democratic forces, who want to preserve human dignity, have always struggled and succeeded.

It is known that there were organized struggles of women who gave the greatest price for human dignity. The woman, the pioneer of socialization, who performs the first human revolution on earth, is passionate about every aspect of free life.

On the other hand, in many parts of the world today, women are still exposed to violence, massacres, slavery. It has now been proved that we can survive only by organizing and defending ourselves as women against the male-dominated mentality.

To succeed on this means to be able to lead as women the implementation of the paradigm of a democratic nation, democratic and ecological.”

The statement recalled that “since the foundation of the PKK in 1978, the Movement for Women's Freedom has been at the forefront of the war against the colonial powers. The quest for a free woman is today at a level in which it is actually leading the building of a free society. Today, women's belief in free life is greater than ever. As a matter of fact, the areas where women meet with resistance, especially Kurdistan, where women can express themselves, are growing.”

The statement continued: “There is a serious crisis in the Middle East, in which have entered the reactionary regimes and the colonial state-regimes like the Turkish Republic. The biggest reason for this crisis is the ongoing imposition of isolation against leader Apo.

DTK co-chair Leyla Güven's resistance and the fact that women are at the forefront in the fight against isolation is of great importance. The great resistance of women derives its strength from the philosophy of Leader Apo, which is based on the freedom of women.

We, Star Free Women's Unions / YJA Star say that we will free Leader Apo. We commemorate all our martyrs.”