YJA Star: We will continue to fight with the belief in freedom Sara planted in our hearts

The YJA Star Headquarters Command said “We will continue to take revenge on the enemy by protecting the life values created by the belief in freedom that Sara planted in our hearts.”

The YJA Star Central Headquarters Command issued a written statement on the anniversary of the killings of Sakine Cansız, Fidan Doğan and Leyla Şaylemez in Paris.

The YJA Star said: “We commemorate comrades Sara, Rojbin and Ronahi on the 9th anniversary of the Paris massacre with gratitude and bow respectfully in front of their memories. To them we reiterated our promise to all our martyr comrades to crown their struggle with victory.”

The statement continued: “The international conspiracy that started with the capture of our Leader Abdullah Öcalan on 15 February 1999 was sought to be further deepened by the murder of Sara, Rojbin and Ronahi. The massacre that took place in the middle of Europe, in Paris, on 9 January 2013, once again revealed the hypocrisy of Europe.

The intolerance to the reality of free women was seen again with the murder of Sakine Cansız. The European civilization, which was described as the most indomitable defenders of the so-called women's rights, showed once again that they are the biggest misogynists, by being partners in this massacre. With these killings, Europe’s true faces were revealed, and the masks of false democracy and human rights fell. France, which is the representative of European civilization, betrayed the value system that keeps Europe alive by making dirty bargains so that the real perpetrators of this massacre are not revealed.

The French society, which we believe to have the spirit of the 1789 French Revolution, was ashamed of this massacre. The French State can only save French society from this shame by punishing the perpetrators. We call on the French state to come clean and confront this massacre. On the contrary, our anger against the French state will never subside. Women will continue to call to account both European civilization and Turkey.”

The statement added: “Our leadership was the victim of a conspiracy in Rome, where St. Paul was crucified, and our female leader, Sara, suffered the same fate in France, the land of those who murdered Jan D'Arc. There is no difference between the conspiracy against our Leader and the killing of Sakine Cansız in Paris. The aim of both is to strike a blow to free human values ​​and to disrupt the resistances that develop to achieve this. Because Europe is experienced in destroying the freedom tendencies that it cannot bring to its own hegemony.

The PKK's struggle for freedom has shaken not only Europe but the entire world hegemonic system. The PKK is the only historical representative of the free human, free society revolution. In all the revolutions that changed the world, there have always been such conspiracies. But no massacre could prevent these revolutions from changing the world. Comrade Sara's biggest dream was to decorate every part of Kurdistan with flowers. We are the heirs of this dream. We promise that we will adorn not only Kurdistan but the whole world with the flowers of freedom.”

Sara’s fight continues to grow

The statement added that “today, thousands of young people who are walking in the footsteps of Sara all over Kurdistan are fighting. Those who fought in Heftanin, Xakurkê, Zap, Metina and Zagros are the successors of Sara. Those who hold positions in Botan, Dersim, Amed and Amanoslar are the followers of  Sara’s line. Thousands of young women flocked to the mountains after Sara to take over her banner of freedom. Encouraged by her, tens of thousands of women became determined to be themselves and filled the streets, avenues, and fields. Sara's struggle continues to grow day by day in metropolises, streets and mountains. The hegemonic conspiracy forces that wanted to strike a blow to the free women's line in the person of Sara and the women's search for freedom failed to achieve their goals. With her meaningful life stance, Sara once again dealt the biggest blow to the reality of the system, which includes darkness, ugliness and meaninglessness. Sara has shown the whole world that she is the greatest resister. We, YJA Star female guerrillas, will defend this meaningful life created by Sara to the end.”

Call on women

The statement added: “Sara said that the PKK filled the vacuum of honour in Kurdistan. She became one of the most valuable symbols of those who filled the vacuum of honour in Kurdistan by fighting the truth. Sara has become the inspiring symbol of the free human reality of all times.

At the point reached by our struggle, we express our commitment and determination to follow in the footsteps of Sara, who is the greatest representative of women's labour. Thousands of women are ready to realize the freedom utopia of the many Saras in the guerrillas. In this sense, we will make the enemy pay the most painful price by strengthening our war positions on the basis of creating a free life paradigm. What will win will be the free life paradigm and our Leader.”