Young women at World Youth Conference: We stand for the freedom of Abdullah Öcalan

The world youth conference "Youth Writing History" in Paris continues on the third and final day. A panel discussion on the topic of "Young women writing history" took place this morning.

The World Youth Conference in Paris continues on its third day. Women attending the conference released a statement vowing to stand up against the severe isolation the NATO and other international forces are imposing on Abdullah Öcalan and to ensure the physical freedom of the Kurdish leader.

The message released by the women attending the conference is as follows:

Today, we as young women from around the world have come together at the first World Youth Conference. We stand here today for the physical freedom of Abdullah Ocalan, the leader of the Kurdish Freedom Movement.  We are in search of freedom and peace in the world. We are fighting for a world free of patriarchy, capitalism and oppression. It is Abdullah Öcalan who has paved our way to freedom. It is Abdullah Öcalan who, with the new paradigm of Democratic Confederalism, has proposed a world order based on women’s liberation, ecology, and democracy. Abdullah Öcalan has not only proposed a solution to the Kurdish question; with his ideas, he has found a solution to the ongoing conflicts in the Middle East, and lastly, a solution to create a democratic world. During the current third world war, during the chaotic and conflicted times we live in, Abdullah Öcalan has shared a spark of hope with us.

It has the potential to turn around the current world order and to build up a world in which truly moral-political societies take their place in democratic modernity. Today, it is our duty to bring back moral-political values to society and to take a leading role in alternative education in society, as Abdullah Öcalan proposes. Abdullah Öcalan has opened the way for us to fulfil our role and mission and to find the path to freedom. He is the one who has proposed Jineolojî, the science of women and of life. He fights against the dominant male in himself every hour and every minute. He struggles for women’s liberation at every step he takes. Within this paradigm, especially young women play a vanguard role.  

As young women it is our obligation to stand up against the severe isolation the NATO and other international forces  are imposing on Abdullah Öcalan and to ensure the physical freedom of Abdullah Öcalan. Abdullah Öcalan has been held captive for 25 years now under the inhumane isolation and torture system. The occupying Turkish state and international forces, with the help of local partners who have identified themselves as traitors, try to normalize this torture of isolation. From the beginning of the international conspiracy, during which Abdullah Öcalan was arrested, until today, the torture of isolation has become more organized and systematic. The complot of international forces is trying to sever all of Abdullah Ocalan’s relations with the world in a way that has never been seen anywhere in history.

Since 2011, meetings with lawyers, and since 2015, when the genocidal attacks against the Kurdish people began, meetings with families and delegations have been prohibited. Restrictions and arbitrary practices that are not applied to any prisoner in the world, are applied to Abdullah Öcalan. Arbitrary disciplinary sanctions and visiting bans are extended, requests for meetings are arbitrarily denied. With the process of the AKP-MHP fascist rule, an illegal and immoral regime of isolation and torture was established in Imrali and spread first to Kurdistan and then to the whole of Turkey.  

The biggest partners of this torture are European states and institutions. The states of Europe, which are the defenders of democracy and human rights, silently approve of all the practices of AKP-MHP fascism in all the prisons of Kurdistan and Turkey, especially in Imrali, and continue their cooperation at the highest level in any way.   Under no circumstances will we remain silent about the current isolation the Turkish state is enforcing on Abdullah Öcalan. We demand the immediate lifting of his isolation and his immediate physical freedom! Though we stand here together, we will continue our struggle for Abdullah Öcalan all around the world - from Paris to the Philippines, from Colombia to Sicily, from Mali to India. As young women from around the world, we have bundled our strength to finally put an end to the imprisonment of Abdullah Ocalan! In the fight for our freedom and for Abdullah Öcalan’s physical freedom, we will not hold back at any cost!


Physical freedom for Abdullah Öcalan!"