Young women from Rojava join the guerrilla struggle

A group of young women from Rojava have joined the guerrillas and called on Kurdish young men and women to join the liberation struggle and smash Turkish fascism.

The Turkish state is waging a campaign of destruction against the Kurdish liberation movement in order to enforce its expansionist great power ambitions in the Middle East. As all four parts of Kurdistan are affected, an air and ground invasion by the Turkish army against the Kurdish guerrillas has been taking place in the Medya Defense Zones in southern Kurdistan (northern Iraq) since April 17.

The guerrillas are resisting the Turkish occupation forces with various tactics and great willingness to make sacrifices, and large sections of the Kurdish population at home and abroad are showing solidarity with them. Young people in particular are drawing attention to the Turkish war of aggression with protest actions everywhere. A group of young women from Rojava joined the guerrillas and issued a statement.

The statement called the isolation of Abdullah Öcalan in Turkish captivity "part of the third world war". It stated that the Turkish state, with the backing of the hegemonic powers and active support of the South Kurdistan’s ruling party KDP, wants to crush the PKK in order to destroy all Kurdish achievements and, in the last resort, to annihilate the Kurdish people. "For this purpose, all means are used in this war. To make this policy fail, we will continue our struggle against war alongside the guerrillas," declared the young women from Rojava.

The new female fighters condemned above all the attitude of the KDP, dominated by the Barzanî clan, which is making itself a stooge of the Erdogan regime in the war in Kurdistan for its own interests: "We will never forgive the KDP and we hold it accountable for its betrayal of the Kurdish people. All young women and men from Kurdistan must be at the forefront of the resistance against this dirty war. As women, we resist the hostile attacks aimed at enslaving us and the whole society. We participate in the liberation struggle and will avenge the revolutionary martyrs. We call on all young women and men to join the guerrilla and smash Turkish fascism. Come to the liberation struggle!"