Young Women's Union calls for action against Turkey's occupation

The Association in Kobane calls on young people to join the resistance.

Young Women's Union (YJC) in Kobane released a statement on the occupation attacks carried out by the Turkish state in South Kurdistan. 

Rohat Heci Mehmud read the statement and said: "The deepening fascist genocide attacks continue in Kurdistan. The occupying Turkish state wants to continue its attacks in South Kurdistan after hitting Afrin. The territory of Kurdistan faces the threat of fascism". 

The statement continued: "Against this policy, young people and young women have carried out a fierce resistance for the freedom of the peoples. In the plains and mountains resistance forces under the lead of guerrillas have hit those mercenaries hard".

Reminding that young people and people of all ages have gone to the Qandil Mountains to join the human shields initiative, the Young Women's Union added: "The force standing against the aims of the Turkish state is undoubtedly young women. We will fight for the defense of our land whatever the cost". 

The statement ended by appealing on young women and young people in general to join the ranks of the resistance and defend their land against these attacks.