YPJ academies develop self-defence and self-consciousness

Military academies play a major role in shaping the personality of fighters and developing the principles of self-defence. YPJ fighters get to know their true identity and history at academies across North-East Syria.

Fighters of the Women's Defense Units (YPJ), the first self-defence-based women's force in the Middle East and the world, describe their stance as follows: “We will not attack any group even if we are supported by all the forces in the world, yet we will act according to our principles of self-defence if all the forces in the world are against us.”

With the advent of the Rojava Revolution on July 19, 2012, the women's struggle entered a new phase. After many years of oppression, neglect and persecution, the local people attached special importance to the principles of self-defence by participating in the institutions and activities of the regional administration. Following the establishment of the People's Defense Units (YPG) in 2012, they formally joined these forces.

Kurdish women were already leading revolts against the improper and reactionary traditions of society. By taking up arms against terrorist groups, they became the symbol of the self-sacrificing and heroic woman who inspires all other women.

YPJ fighters receive training in politics at military academies. They are trained in academies across North and East Syria.


YPJ fighter Berxwedan Jiyan, who has been a member of the YPJ for nearly 9 years, spoke about the importance of training: “Lectures on politics and military training raise our level of readiness to confront the enemy forces and frustrate their invasion plans.”

“A woman without a purpose cannot handle these trainings for a long time, because here we receive training on the beginning of human life on earth, the history of political thought, the Kurdistan Freedom Movement and the continuation of this movement thanks to the ideas of Kurdish leader Abdullah Öcalan,” she added.


Jiyan explained her reason for joining the YPJ: “I was influenced by Öcalan's ideas. The Kurdish leader paid special attention to women and women's rights. Thus, he promoted the establishment of a special force of women.”

The YPJ fighter pointed out that the invading Turkish state wanted to weaken the peoples by annihilating them through continuous attacks. She emphasized that the peoples of the region should be united and once they unite, they will defeat the enemy.


Jiyan noted that YPJ fighters felt confident that they would defeat the Turkish forces in the same way they defeated ISIS and Jabhat al-Nusra groups before. She called on all women to advance their thoughts, recognize their identities, and join the YPJ for the defence of the region and the people.


Speaking to ANHA, Martyr JINDA Academy’s executive member Dilbirîn Kobanê said that female fighters are trained in academies all over North and East Syria, adding, “All those who attend the training get to know their true identities and history after years of neglect and oppression.”

“At the end of the training, after learning their history and roles, the self-confidence of the fighters is boosted. Thus, they have great will and strength and form strong comradeship among themselves. They support each other in difficult times,” Kobanê noted.

Kobanê revealed that after getting to know the history of Kurdistan and women, YPJ fighters broaden their horizons and display huge enthusiasm for resistance. “The fact that they are on the forefront alongside the YPG in battles proves this. I urge all women to have a will and power and to join the YPJ.”

Kobanê called on all women to stay away from the reactionary traditions of society and to fight for their own freedom, insisting that women could have an impact in every aspects of social life.