YPJ Commander: We will liberate the Turkish occupied areas

Sozda Afrin, one of the YPJ commanders, emphasized that they would liberate the areas occupied by the Turkish state in North-East Syria.

Sozda Afrin, one of the Women's Defense Units (YPJ) commanders, spoke to ANF about ISIS activity in Hol camp and the occupied areas.


Drawing attention to the increasing mobility of ISIS women in the Hol camp near Heseke, Sozda Afrin said, "What happened in the Hol camp is an attempt to activate ISIS. Women who do not adopt ISIS life in the camp and try to create a new life for themselves are killed by ISIS women and buried secretly under tents. Dozens of similar incidents have taken place in the camp so far. We can say that ISIS is not finished yet, and the children in the camp are raised with an ISIS mindset."


Touching on the issue of the prosecution of ISIS members, Sozda Efrîn stated the following: "The re-activation of ISIS can be prevented. It is known by everyone that our courts have relations with human rights organizations for a fair trial of the gangs. There are ISIS women of various nations in the Hol camp. We want to deliver them to their countries of origin, but we have not received an answer from international states. We are trying to ensure the security of the camp despite our narrow sources. We want to pay special attention to the children growing up in the Hol camp. The children in the camp grow up with an ISIS mentality, and even this situation shows the danger of ISIS becoming active again."

The YPJ Commander drew attention to the existence of ISIS sleeper cells, stating that the threat to humanity will continue if the arrested ISIS members are not tried fairly.

Reminding of the increasing threats of the Turkish state against North-East Syria, Sozda Afrîn continued her speech as follows: "These threats are not independent from the activation of ISIS gangs. The oppression and occupation practices of the Turkish state-backed gang groups in the Turkish occupied cities of Afrin, Serêkaniyê and Girê Spî and the ISIS mobility in the Hol camp are interrelated. It is understood that the Turkish state is making an attempt to reactivate ISIS. We will do our best against these inhumane practices of the gang groups, which the whole world has been silent about. "


Saying that they will do anything for the security of the people, Sozda Efrîn called on all the youth, both inside and outside the country, to claim Rojava and the security of North-East Syria.

Emphasizing that they are ready for the liberation of their occupied lands, the YPJ commander said they will play a leading role in the liberation of Afrin, Serêkaniyê and Girê Spî and the security of the entire region.

Commander Efrîn emphasized that: "We will succeed basing on our own strength. As the YPJ forces, we are ready to sacrifice our lives for our country and our people. As the fighters of our people, we believe that our people will prepare themselves for success and we will be victorious."