YPJ fighter dies in traffic accident

YPJ fighter Reem Ali Al-Jassim died in a traffic accident.

The General Command of the Women's Defence Units (YPJ) announced the death of fighter Rîm Elî El Casim in a traffic accident.

According to the YPJ statement on Tuesday, the accident occurred during a service mission last Sunday.

Rîm Elî El Casim (Reem Ali Al-Jassim) came from an Arab family. "She was an advocate of the paradigm of a democratic nation that unites all peoples and identities under one roof. That is why she became a defender of the liberation struggle," YPJ said in its obituary.

"Reem joined the ranks of the YPJ to help build a life of freedom and dignity for all. In keeping with the spirit of the revolution, she dedicated her own existence to the resistance to promote and empower women. She was a courageous and dedicated fighter. Her name is synonymous with the connection between Kurdish and Arab women, their solidarity and their common struggles."

YPJ extended its condolences to the family of the fallen fighter and vowed to defend their land by strengthening the unity and solidarity of Kurdish and Arab women.

First-Last Name: Rîm El Casim
Mother's Name: Emîra
Father's Name: Elî
Date of Martyrdom: 20.08.2023