“YPJ fights at the forefront for Yazidis”

YPJ Commander Ariyan Qamishlo said ISIS gangs use civilians as human shields in the war and added that they fight at the forefront to save Yazidi women and children.

Thousands of Yazidi women and children have been rescued by SDF fighters in Baghouz as the operation against ISIS gangs continue in the village in Deir ez-Zor’s Hajin district. YPJ Commander Ariyan Qamishlo spoke about how Yazidi women and children were rescued from ISIS gangs. Commander Ariyan said this battle is important for them, “Because there are still Yazidi women in Baghouz. Our goal is to rescue all Yazidi women abducted by ISIS.”

Ariyan Qamishlo said the accounts rescued Yazidi women give show once again how vile ISIS gangs are and continued: “A Yazidi woman rescued yesterday said she was forced to marry a total of 10 men, and that she was forced to forget her culture, language and religion. ISIS steals people’s memories and pasts as such.”

Commander Ariyan said YPJ fighters combatting ISIS gangs at the fronts has had a great impact on society: “Many women in the region joined the YPJ and now they fight against ISIS gangs in Baghouz. The gangs use civilians as human shields. We know this, so we are more careful. In the coming days we will take back the last of the area from ISIS.”