YPJ: Women's resistance will be a guarantee of free life

YPJ celebrated the March 8th World Women's Day to Leader Ocalan, the companion of all women, all women in the world, women in Kurdistan and Northern Syria, all the freedom fighters on the battle fronts in the resistance of the century.

Women’s Defense Units (YPJ) General Command released a statement marking March 8 International Women’s Day.

Full text of the statement by YPJ General Command is as follows;

“Spring is the expression of rebellion, resistance, and the attainment of a free life. In the process of reaching the peaks of the Afrin resistance, we are welcoming the World Women's Day of March 8th as the women of the whole world. We celebrate the March 8th World Women's Day with all the fighters in the world, the women of Kurdistan and North Syria, and all the fighters on the frontlines of resistance, and especially to Leader Apo, the companion of all women. In the name of the Afrin resisters and strugglers, we commemorate all the revolutionary martyrs and reiterate the oath of ​​raising the revolutionary struggle. In the name of comrades Barin, Avesta, Amargi and Şayan, the strugglers of the moment, we reiterate to our resisting people who do not leave their lands until the end, who live the resistance spirit of the period against exploitation, and who reach martyrdom for the preservation of their values, our oath that we will reach success and greaten the struggle.

Woman resisted against power and exploitation in the spirit of resistance in all periods of history, and never gave way to the exploitation of social values. From the date of human history until now; women has always been at the forefront of the resistance fronts in the protection of social values, giving great sacrifices in the struggle to create an equal and democratic society against all the darkness of the nation-state, but has never forgotten her fact of creation and in contrary, has constantly struggled for freedom against all reactionary minds for the sake of protecting human, social and natural values.

The woman, who played a leading role in creating society, was dragged by the dark and dominant mentality in order to disappear in the history of humanity. But the truth can never be buried in darkness. Undoubtedly the free woman identity has continued ceaselessly; From Clara Zetkin to Rosa Luxembourg, from the three Mirabal sisters to Zarife, Besê and the Saras, Gulans and Zilans from Beritan, Nalin and Şervins, and finally to Avesta, Barin and Amargis. Success is reached by the free and resisting stance of pioneering women. All the world’s women who are struggling for a free life against all the darkness, inhuman alliances and the silence of international powers against massacres should meet with the self-image of women on March 8, defend the Afrin resistance to frustrate the colonialist attacks of the Turkish state, so the free tomorrows should be gifted to the resisting peoples.

The Turkish state uses the most advanced technical and inhuman methods against the people of Afrin and as a result; women, children and old people are martyred. The massacres developed on our people in Afrin are the result of the dirty alliances of the Turkish state. Once again, the Kurdish people are facing a tremendous betrayal in the form of the Afrin people and it is the clearest expression of the silence of the international powers against Turkish colonialism. Our people and all those who favor a free life against all colonialist systems resist together with the spirits born of the unity of the people, and with the joy of spring. The struggle born from the resistance of the people will destroy the dirty alliances of the international powers and so Erdogan's fascist and colonialist system will suffer destruction.

March 8 will be celebrated this year together will all women in the form of women's uprisings all over the world. All women will take part in the arenas with the slogan "The age of resistance will be the end of the exploitation system" and will gift the future of a free life to all the resisting peoples, and will greaten the struggle for freedom and equality with women's unity and colour against the dominant nation-state mentality. Ownership of 8th March by the pioneering women will be the revenge of the century. As the Women's Defense Units YPJ, a pioneering role has always been taken in the protection of the values ​​of the revolution and in the establishment of the Democratic Nation.

YPJ has struggled against both the barbarian Daesh gangs and today is fighting against the Turkish colonialist system on behalf of all the world's women. This struggle, resistance and great values ​​are part of the history of women's freedom at the same time. We will defend this legacy until the end. In the resistance of the era; our oaths of revenge, struggle and resistance are at the forefront; we give our oaths to mothers, the creators of the real life, to all women, to our martyrs who have reached their pioneering tasks to success, and to the revolutionary struggle of the people. The pioneering position of the resisting woman will illuminate the path of the free life and we will resist on this sacred path until we reach success with the resistance spirit of the century.

Once again, we celebrate the March 8th World Women's Day to Leader Apo, the companion of all women, all women in the world, women in Kurdistan and Northern Syria, all the freedom fighters on the battle fronts in the resistance of the century and greet them with the warmest women’s feelings. And we repeat once more; "Women's resistance will be a guarantee of free life." "Let's gather around the resistance of the era."