Co-mayors of Lice receive their certificate of election

The co-mayors of Lice Municipality, which the DEM Party won with the highest rate in the 31 March elections, received their certificate of election and entered the municipality building with hundreds of people.

In the Lice district of Amed (Diyarbakır), where the Peoples' Equality and Democracy Party (DEM Party) won the 31 March local elections with the highest vote rate, Co-Mayors Diyar Dilek, Fırat Demir and the council members received their certificates of election at the Licê Courthouse.

DEM Party Amed Provincial Co-Chair Pınar Sakık Tekin, DEM Party Deputy Adalet Kaya, former Lice Co-Mayor Tarık Mercan, who was replaced by a trustee, and hundreds of people attended the ceremony.

Hundreds of people then marched from the courthouse to the municipality accompanied by the melodies played. The march ended in front of the municipality building with colourful scenes.

Speaking here, DEM Party Amed MP Adalet Kaya said, "Just as the will reflected in the ballot box came first here, the vitalisation of our paradigm will also win the first place here. Endless thanks to the contribution of the people."

The co-mayors also thanked the people. The crowd entered the municipality together and congratulated the co-mayors.