DEM Party exposes the real election results in Şırnak

DEM Party hung the real election results of the municipality of Şırnak, which was usurped through thousands of soldiers and police officers in the 31 March local elections, on a banner in its building.

The AKP regime illegally and openly transported thousands of soldiers and police to Şırnak during the local elections and usurped the municipality by manipulating the results in its favour.  

The Peoples' Equality and Democracy Party (DEM Party) Şırnak Provincial Organisation put up a banner with the real results of the 31 March elections.

The banner included information on which party received how many votes and how many soldiers and police officers were transported to the city.

The banner exposes the fact that the DEM Party's vote share is 15,553, and the AKP's is 11,492. The number of soldiers and police transported to the city is 6,541.