Gerîla TV releases documentary film ‘Fire fell in the heart of Ankara’

Gerîla TV released a documentary film about a spectacular revolutionary operation by the HPG and YJA Star against a base camp of the Turkish occupying forces in the guerrilla-held Medya Defense Zones in southern Kurdistan (northern Iraq).

Gerîla TV has published a film entitled "Agir Kete Dilê Enqere" (Fire fell in the heart of Ankara). The one-hour video shows real scenes from the Şehîd Doğa Viyan Revolutionary Operation directed against Turkish occupation forces in the Girê Cûdî Resistance Area in the western Zap region on 17 February.

During the operation, the Turkish army's main base area in the region was stormed by guerrillas from several flanks. The enemy positions were captured at breakneck speed, and seized weapons such as hand grenades and B7 rockets were used by the guerrillas against the Turkish invasion forces. Various weapons were confiscated, owhile thers were set on fire along with other equipment. According to the HPG statement published on 18 February, 37 Turkish soldiers were killed during the operation, including a captain and several non-commissioned officers. The guerrillas destroyed 15 positions as well as 7 containers, an armoury, a radio position, an observation post, two A4 weapons, a grenade launcher, 2 radar systems and 5 surveillance cameras from the Turkish military's arsenal.

The operational area was filmed by the guerrillas themselves with drone cameras. The footage shows the guerrillas advancing over steep cliffs and through mined areas, the quiet conversations held during the coordination of the operation and the unembellished moments of combat. The guerrillas scaled barbed wire fences and penetrated the positions. One of the guerrillas calls on the others to advance and hand grenades are thrown. The guerrillas form a line of defence and take the entire base.

When a position is set alight, a guerilla shouts "Agir kete dile Enqerê" (Fire fell into the heart of Ankara). The film was named after this exclamation.

A guerrilla named Şervan, who was martyred during the clashes, is carried away from the scene by his comrades.  In the footage depicting guerrilla comradeship and loyalty, the bloody clothes of the martyred guerrilla are also taken from the ground. The body of the fallen guerrilla does not come down from the back of his comrade along the steep cliffs.