37 Turkish soldiers killed in revolutionary guerrilla operation in Zap

Kurdistan Freedom Guerrillas carried out the Martyr Doğa Viyan Revolutionary Operation in Zap. In the operation, 37 soldiers, including 1 captain, were killed. While many weapons and materials were confiscated, the rest were destroyed.

The Press Center of the People's Defense Forces (HPG) published details of the revolutionary guerrilla operation carried out in the guerrilla-held Medya Defense Zones in southern Kurdistan (northern Iraq) on February 17. The operation, named after the YJA-Star guerrilla Doğa Viyan who died last October, was directed against the Turkish occupation forces in the Girê Cûdî resistance area in the western Zap region.

According to the statement, the main base area of the Turkish army in the region was stormed by guerrillas from several flanks at 12:50 pm. The enemy positions were taken at a rapid pace, and the seized weapons such as hand grenades and B7 rockets were immediately used by the guerrillas against the Turkish soldiers. Various weapons were confiscated, others were set on fire along with other equipment. During the operation, 37 soldiers were killed, including a captain and several non-commissioned officers, while HPG guerrilla fighter Şervan fell a martyr.

15 positions, seven containers, an ammunition depot, a communication position, an observation post, two A4 weapons, a grenade launcher, two radar systems and five surveillance cameras of the Turkish troops were destroyed during the operation.

The guerrillas confiscated 8 MPT-55 assault rifles, 8 MPT-55 rifle magazines, 5 BKC automatic machine guns, 1 BKC spare barrel, 300 BKC machine gun bullets, 1 grenade launcher, 3 drum grenade launchers, 1 Bora sniper rifle, magazines and all materials, 2 B-7 rocket launchers, 2 pump-action guns and a pistol, 8 thermal scopes, 4 night scopes, 1 binoculars, 11 weapon scopes, 2 weapon spotters, 1 large radio device and battery, 4 radio devices, 2 hand grenades, 3 signal lights, 3 camera traps, 2 solar panels, 2 surveillance cameras, 7 power banks, 1 telescope, 1 rechargeable battery, 1 soldier helmet, 2 sensors, 3 phones and 1 bag.

Guerrilla fighter Şervan who participated in the Şehîd Doğa Viyan Revolutionary Operation fell a martyr whilst fighting heroically.

HPG described the operation as a heavy blow to the Turkish army and emphasized that the entire unit, including the commanders, was eliminated and all material confiscated or destroyed. "Although the occupation army suffered a heavy blow and suffered heavy losses, it pretended to be dead and only stated hours later that one soldier had died and another soldier was injured. To this end, it first invented the lie that six guerrilla fighters had been killed, later increasing the number to eight," said the HPG.

HPG pointed out that: "The peoples of Turkey and the entire public must know that 37 soldiers were punished in this revolutionary operation, who were unleashed on the guerrilla positions under winter conditions due to the persistent war policy for the interests of the fascist AKP/MHP regime. The regime is responsible for this, as it tries to conceal the truth about what is happening and presents it differently with lies. An all-out war is taking place in Kurdistan. The reality of this war has been documented and publicized before and will continue to be so. The claim that we have lost eight fighters is a lie. Only our companion Şervan fell in heroic combat. Beyond that, we have no casualties or wounded. That is the truth."

The statement underlined that: “Martyr Doğa Viyan Revolutionary Operation is a response to the 15 February International Conspiracy against Rêber Apo (Leader Abdullah Öcalan), which is a black day in the history of our people, in its 26th year. Our people, our comrades in prison and our freedom guerrillas have been waging a great resistance for 25 years against the international conspiracy, whose aim was to destroy Rêber Apo and the Freedom Movement and to implement genocide on the people of Kurdistan. The Şehîd Doğa Viyan Revolutionary Operation shows the level at which this historic resistance will be continued. In the 26th year of the conspiracy, the Kurdistan Freedom Guerrilla has enough experience, determination, strength and power to take care of its duties and responsibilities."