Open election fraud in Kars: Transported soldiers and police officers leave the city

The soldiers and police officers that the AKP-MHP had transported to Kars in order to change the local election results in their favour were taken back in buses as they were brought.

For the 31 March local elections, thousands of soldiers and police officers were transported to Kars province by buses.

After the end of the voting process, the soldiers and police officers were taken out of the city by buses and minibuses. The leace of the transported voters was recorded on camera on the road between Selim and Sarıkamış districts.

In the elections held on Sunday, the MHP received 16,384 votes and the DEM Party received 13,120 votes thanks to the transported voters in Kars. The difference between the two parties was 3,264.

According to the DEM Party, 3,842 soldiers and police officers were transported to the city to vote in yesterday’s elections.