'We will take Hilvan again’

In Hilvan, where the elections are to be held again, Co-Mayor Garip Yeşil of DEM Party stated that they would not give up, they would resist and take Hilvan again.

Discussions on the results of the local elections in Turkey and Kurdistan continue. The ruling AKP is trying to change the results of the elections or delay the handing over of the certificates of election by filing objections, especially in some places where the DEM Party won. In the Hilvan district of Urfa, it was decided to renew the elections as a result of the AKP's objection.

In Hilvan, where AKP was declared the winner in the 2019 elections thanks to fraud, burning of voting papers and block voting, the DEM Party won the 31 March elections with 33.20 percent of the votes, 3 percent more than AKP. The YSK (Supreme Election Board) accepted the AKP's objections to the election results and decided to renew the elections in Hilvan.

Before the new elections to be held on 2 June 2024, the AKP has started to work especially to get the votes of the Yeniden Refah (New Welfare) Party. Garip Yeşil, Co-Mayor of Hilvan Municipality, evaluated the situation in the district and the latest developments for ANF.

Stating that Hilvan has an important place, especially in the history of the Kurdish struggle, Garip Yeşil said that the retaking of Hilvan will not only be seen as a municipal victory and added: " Hilvan has an important place in the Kurdish understanding of municipalism. Hilvan is a very important city for the Kurdish freedom struggle. In the history of the Kurdish freedom struggle, in a period when the agha system and feudal mentality were at the forefront among the Kurds, when the women's struggle had new nuances, the people of Hilvan played a major role and demonstrated a strong will against this system. After 45 years, regaining Hilvan cannot be associated with municipalism alone. It is a sign of the will of a people who are tired of the 45-year ruling mentality."

Garip Yeşil remarked that the government did a lot to prevent the struggle, especially in Hilvan, one of the important points of the Kurdish freedom struggle: "During the peak of the Kurdish struggle, they carried out many activities to prevent the spread of Kurdishness and our freedom struggle. We are aware that the feudal mentality is on its last legs in Hilvan. AKP does not want this mentality to disappear. We are facing an AKP mentality that is afraid of change and transformation and therefore does not want to leave Hilvan."

'After 45 years, people turned their faces to the DEM Party again'

Stating that Hilvan turned its face to the DEM Party again after 45 years, Garip Yeşil continued, "At the point we have reached today, we cannot talk about democracy, rights, law and a very legal functioning. Van is a great example of this. They can easily give the certificate of election to the second party even though the DEM Party won with almost 4 times the vote difference. Therefore, it is not very important to win with a large vote difference. Since the legal process is not handled correctly, these processes proceed in the way the AKP wants. Only our people can protect their will against such injustice and fight against this unlawfulness."

'We will not give up, we will resist and take Hilvan again'

Stating that they will continue to resist and work in the following process, Garip Yeşil said that they will never surrender the will of the people and concluded as follows, "Halfeti has the same importance as Hilvan in this respect. In particular, the fact that Halfeti is Mr Öcalan's hometown is enough for it to have an important place in the eyes of the Kurdish people.  The AKP also realises the importance of this. So, we are sure that we will take it again with a strong will. In the following process, of course, we will not give up, and we will continue to resist. Especially after taking Hilvan, we will continue this democratic struggle and protect the will of our people. The fact that our people are with us gives us a lot of strength in this respect."