55 Kurdish artists join the KCK campaign, sing for Öcalan

Kurdish artists living in Europe have joined the KCK campaign ‘Stop Isolation, Fascism and Occupation; Time for Freedom’ and sang songs for Kurdish people’s leader Abdullah Öcalan.

55 Kurdish artists have met in the German city of Cologne on Saturday for an event organised by Kurdish cultural movement TEV-ÇAND branch in Europe under the title “Artists sing for Leader Apo”.


Speaking on behalf of all the artists involved in the event, Xelil Xemgin said the following:

“We salute all the Kurds and the friends of the Kurds all around the world with feelings from our hearts. With all our struggle, products and feelings, we as Kurdish artists join the ‘Stop Isolation, Fascism and Occupation; Time for Freedom’ campaign which was launched by our freedom movement and joined by the Kurds and their friends. We say that now is the time to ensure the freedom of leader Apo who is the leader of not only the Kurds, but all the peoples in the Middle East and humanity. He produces solutions for peace and freedom. He is a considerable power for artists in particular. He created a great opportunity for us to get to know the true power of art, both in philosophical and ideological respects. His determination ‘Artist is the conscience of society. Once a society gets into danger, artists feel it before anyone else’ is of great importance for all of us. For this reason, the ‘October 10, Global Day of Action for Öcalan’ and the new campaign should be participated by various parties, fractions and ideas without distinction.

During this process ongoing in the Middle East, defined as the Third World War, the Kurds should assume responsibility to gain their freedom and status. Our people all around the world should strengthen their unity. All Kurdish forces from institutions to the guerrilla, from the YPG-YPJ and SDF in Rojava to the Peshmerga, should empower their unity to protect Kurdish gains and to smash the occupation in Kurdistan. At the same time, all our people should strongly support this campaign.”

The choir performance of the anthems ‘Ey Seroke me’ and ‘Doza me’ by Koma Berxwedan was followed by individual performances by Hozan Maruf, Hozan Cömert, Emekçi, Binewş, Hozan Aydın, Deniz Deman, Ganî Nar, Dilovan, Afaq Rojhilat, Abbas Ahmed, Farqin, Beser Şahîn, Hûner Ayzon, Cevad Merwanî, and Hozan Kawa.
The event was joined by the following artists:

Hozan Comerd, Emekçi, Hozan Maruf, Dilovan, Cevad Merwanî, Deniz Deman, Jîyan Osman, Dîyar Dersim, Kewe Zeraq, Evîn, Tûlay Şahmeran, Narînxan Cizîrî, Beser Şahîn, Dîcle Urmiye, Afaq Rojhilatî, Binewş Roj, Memo Gûl, Memo Yapiştiran, Mazlum Rewşen, Nuarîn, Dîyar Dersîm, Xelîl Xemgîn, Seyitxan, Hekim Sefkan, Gani Nar, Abbas Ahmed, Hozan Aydın, Simar, Hozan Welat, Sîphan Xelat, Amed Karakoçan, Peyvan Arjîn, Kawa, Yasîn Boyraz, Ali İkizer, Mehmet Per, Kemal Ceylan, Bengi Agiri, Kawa Urmiye, Baran Rojawa, Tîtal, Bîşar, Rewî, Êgît, Hozan Zahir, Selhat Gımgim, Farqin Azad, Serdar Azad, Fevzî Kiliç, Hûner Ayzon, Sûleyman Rengîn, Reber, Hemid Urmîye, Yeqîn.