A woman’s antiques may become a museum

Xezal called on women who like her have collected antiques and saved them from DAESH violence to ask the authorities to open a museum for the cultures of the region.

Mother Xezal, because of her love for objects smelling history, has collected many antique items for many years, as well as objects she has inherited.

Xezal, a 56-year-old woman from Hesekê in Northern Syria, has collected many historical objects of copper, some dating back centuries. Among the items she collected are old household items, copper ewer, gas lamps and sieves.

With the support of her family, Xezal has protected the pieces she has collected for years. When DAESH mercenaries attacked Hesekê, Xezal was forced to flee leaving everything behind. Yet she managed to recover her antiques.

“When the DAESH mercenaries attacked the city, I sent all the antiques to the village so that they would not get lost”.

Cleaning and putting the antique items into place has become part of Xezal's life.

Protecting these objects for many years, Xezal said that the house in recent years has been adorned with historical pieces.

Xezal Annet called for all Kurdish women, beginning with Yazidi women, who have defended their historical objects and cultures, and to ask the relevant authorities to open a museum where to exhibit the historical works belonging to the people of the region.