Activists in Duisburg protest murder of women

Violence against women was protested in Duisburg, Germany.

The 12th action promoted by the Martyr Asian Yüksel Women's Council began with a minute silence in memory of the martyrs at König-Heinrichplatz.

European Kurdish Women's Movement (TJK-E) flags and banners condemning violence against women were carried by activists. Amara Tolhildan condemned the latest murder in Turkey. "Muğla University student Pinar Gültekin was murdered while there is no news of Duzce Gölyaka from the village of Hacıyakup and Damla Horoz.”

Tolhildan condemned the Turkish state “responsible of the kidnapping, raping and murder of women in Afrin.” She added that the “Kurdish Freedom Movement is fighting against the colonial rapist mentality. Women are organizing and giving the necessary answer on the basis of self-defense.”