Adana Governor's Office bans the play "Tartuffe" in Kurdish, while Mersin's gives green light

Adana Governor's Office banned the play "Tartuffe" in Kurdish.

The play in Kurdish Tartuffe by Moliere, which was scheduled at Adana Metropolitan Municipality Theater Hall, was banned by the Adana Governor's Office.

The application made to Adana Governor's Office to stage the theater play was rejected. Adana Governor's Office banned the play, saying it was "not deemed appropriate".

On the other hand, unlike the Adana Governorate, Mersin Governor's Office gave permission for the Kurdish play Tartuffe to be performed.

Reacting to the ban decision, the organizer Suat Ekin underlined the opposite decision given by the two governorships. "Normally, there is no need to get permission from the governor's office for events to be held in halls. But the CHP Adana Metropolitan Municipality Culture Directorate insisted that, because the play is in Kurdish, it was better to get permission from the governor's office. The banning decision is an indication of intolerance towards Kurdish language."

Tartuffe, ou l'Imposteur first performed in 1664, is a theatrical comedy by Molière. The characters of Tartuffe, Elmire, and Orgon are considered among the greatest classical theatre roles.