Artist Ferhat Tunç: We must raise our voice against concert bans and censorship

Artist Ferhat Tunç reacted to the latest wave of concert bans in Turkey and said: "This government only wants to hear the voice of fascism. We must raise our voice," and urged everyone to organize creative actions against the bans.

The AKP-MHP government continues to ban and prevent Kurdish and opposition artists. Concerts of many musicians are being cancelled by municipalities and governorships.

Artist Ferhat Tunç, who has been forced to live in exile because of the repression he faced in Turkey, told ANF that "if music, art, Kurdish, and opposition voices are silenced today, we will not be able to hear anyone's voice tomorrow."

Tunç added: "This government only wants to hear the voice of fascism. We can only prevent the bad course things are taking by supporting each other and raising our voices against the government, otherwise it will win."

We are in a very critical period

Tunç continued: "Art, by its nature, cannot be on the side of power, nor does it pretend to see or hear the crimes of power. We are in a very critical period for the whole country. All artists must openly show their stance in favour of democracy and freedom today. These bans are a violation of rights in themselves and are dangerous, but no ban will stand alone. If these bans are not stopped now, they will feed new ones. Let's not allow this.”

Creative actions against the bans

Tunç said: “We should protest the bans with more concrete, democratic creative actions and show that no one can lower our voices. Democracy forces, political parties and artists also have a responsibility in this regard. Let's fulfil our historical responsibility and achieve a country that feeds on justice, freedom and democracy, not war and exploitation, for today and for the future."