Artists Heriki and Ruha call on people to attend Newroz celebration in Berlin today

Kurdish artists Neşwan Heriki and Özgür Ruha will take the stage at the Newroz event today in Berlin. They called on people to "come and stand together with the earthquake victims".

Newroz this year will happen after the Maraş-centered earthquake; therefore, it will be an event in solidarity with earthquake victims. Kurdish artists Neşwan Heriki and Özgür Ruha, who will take the stage at the Newroz to be held at Oranienplatz today in Berlin spoke to ANF.

'Newroz means resistance to us. It is a revolution'

The artists said: "Newroz has great meaning. It is a national holiday for Kurds. Newroz means resistance. But also revolution because thousands of our people gave their lives."

Stating that 2023 Berlin Newroz will be a Newroz of solidarity with earthquake victims, Heriki said: “Unfortunately, there was a great earthquake before this Newroz. 60-70 thousand of our people lost their lives. Apart from the dead, we also have thousands of wounded. We send our best wishes to them. I believe that we will go to this Newroz on the basis of solidarity with our families who were victims of the earthquake in Kurdistan."

Özgür Ruha said: "Newroz is the new year for Kurds. When Newroz comes, we get excited and happy. We approach and celebrate Newroz with the green colors of spring and the brightness of the sun. We approach it with enthusiasm, it is a celebration for us.

We call on our people in Berlin to attend this event. This year, Newroz is a little different, because it will be celebrated after the earthquake. Thousands of our people lost their lives. Many more were injured and many are homeless. Therefore, our call to our people is as follows: come, let's stand together in this Newroz!”