Artists in Amed protest banning of MKM's 30th anniversary concert

Artists protested the banning of the MKM's 30th anniversary concert on Saturday, saying that "no ban will not destroy the language and culture of the Kurdish people."

The ban of the 30th anniversary concert that the Mezopotamya Cultural Center (MKM) artists wanted to hold at the Bostancı Cultural Center on Saturday 16 October, was ordered by the Kadıköy District Governor's Office. The MKM artists in Amed protested the ban with a press statement.

MKM member Devrim Demir made a statement on behalf of the artists who came together at the Fırat Culture and Art Association in the central neighbourhood of Sur in Amed. Demir said that the MKM artists have resisted and continued to make culture and art work in Kurdish for 30 years and added: "Since the 90s, we have been resisting. Our associations have been closed many times. Many of our friends have been detained and sent to prison. Sentences have been handed out. We paid a great price and we continue to pay the price."

'A policy of fear and oppression'

Demir pointed out that the policies of intimidation, oppression, massacre and assimilation of the Kurdish language and culture continue and reminded that even Kurdish local dresses and the song "Tu ki yî" by MKM artists were banned at the rally organized by TJA on Saturday 16 October. The concert was banned for ‘endangering public safety’, a "pure excuse," said Demir.

'Kurdish language and culture will not disappeared'

Demir said: "The language and culture of the Kurdish people will not disappear with your policy of denial." The artist added: "MKM artists promise that we will not neglect our language, culture and art."