Artists in Rojava stand by guerrillas and their resistance

Saluting the guerrillas' resistance to the invasion attacks, the artists from Rojava said that they will stand with the guerrillas with their work. “If necessary, we will raise a gun and join them.”

Rojava artists Sîpan Xelat, Nesrîn Botan, Danîş Botan, Sümeyye Serêkaniyê and Ebdurrahman Ereb Beravi spoke to ANF about the attacks against the Kurdish people carried out by Turkey and the KDP.

Historic resistance

Sîpan Xelat: We salute the historic resistance against the invasion attacks carried out by the Turkish state and the KDP. Our people will protect this resistance.

The Turkish state is waging a war of extermination against the Kurdish people, their achievements, freedom, culture and identity all over Kurdistan. These recent attacks are special. The KDP is the main partner in these attacks. As artists, we do not accept the KDP's treacherous stance and attacks against the Kurdish people and culture.

We side with the guerrillas

Nesrîn Botan: I salute the heroic guerrillas and freedom fighters who have resisted the Turkish state and its mercenaries for years. Every Kurdish person should oppose those who help the Turkish state and stand by this resistance. Today, there is a war between existence and non-existence.

The Kurds should understand this situation well. Kurds, not political parties, should know that the victory belongs to the Kurdish people. As always, we will win. Every Kurdish and artist must join hands and be with the guerrilla. Together we will win.

Guerrillas defend our existence

Daniş Botan: These are attacks against our will, culture, identity and existence and they are all over Kurdistan. If we live freely today, it is thanks to the sacrifice of the guerrillas who resisted in the mountains. Guerrillas are our reason for existence. They are the protectors of the oppressed.

Those who attack the guerrillas will be defeated. Our society must stand up and fulfil its duties. Artists should put their work to the service of the resistance and society. We should and will be on the side of the guerrillas with our work. If necessary, we will raise a gun. No one can break the will of the guerrillas and this people.

We condemn the KDP

Sümeyye Serêkaniyê: The attack by the Turkish state and its mercenaries is not only against the Kurds, but against all peoples. No matter how much they attack, they cannot break our strength and will of our people.

Without the guerrillas, we would not exist. Today, we condemn the KDP and the Barzani family, who are complicit in the attacks against our guerrillas. Artists in four parts of Kurdistan should reflect this in their art and work. If we do this, neither Erdogan nor the Barzani family can stand in our way. We will side with the guerrillas until the end.

Artists call on everyone to stand by the guerrillas

Ebdurrahman Ereb Beravi: The Turkish state is attacking Shengal and Medya Defense Areas, the guerrillas and the people today. The Turkish state is not only attacking the PKK and the guerrillas, they are targeting all people's components.

Today, I call out to artists in Kurdistan and all over the world to take a stance against these attacks. Today, savage attacks are taking place all over Kurdistan. As artists, we do not accept these attacks, we stand against them. Artists from Kurdistan should not accept this war by dedicating their work and art to our people.