Children's festival in Winterthur, Switzerland

A children's festival will be held on Sunday in Winterthur, Switzerland.

A children's festival will be held this weekend in Winterthur, Switzerland. The preparations for the children's festival have been completed. The festival will be held on Sunday, July 2 at 10:00 in the Quartierverein Gutschick area under the leadership of the Winterthur Democratic Kurdish Community Centre (CDK-W).

Various children's activities will be organized at the festival. The Winterthur Children's Choir, which has long been working within the association and performed at the 10th Sakine Cansız Women's Festival, will sing songs with children. A theatrical performance, tree planting, fashion show, clown performances and many competitions can be seen during the festival. Moreover, artists Serhado, Elenora Gelawêj and Bülent Turan will appear on stage.

Speaking to ANF about the festival, CDK-W Co-chair İsmail Kaya said that although the community centre seemed to be the organizer, the children took the liberty of holding the festival. Kaya said: “It is a first in the diaspora. The children formed a committee for this festival. They selected the artists who would appear in the festival. The children have taken all liberty to arrange this festival. For the first time, children are leading us with their innocence. This is quite significant. These children also attend the Kurdish language course in our association. They have made serious efforts to organize the festival. We urge families to attend the festival. Let's not leave the children, who are our future, alone during these meaningful activities.”