Dema Dirîreşkan (Blackberry Time) by Haşim Aydemir will premiere in Europe on 21 May

The movie Dema Dirîreşkan (Blackberry Time), by Haşim Aydemir, will premiere in Europe on 21 May. The producer of the film, Serhat Hulaku, said that they aim to show the film in 150 cities in Europe.

Adapted to the cinema from the book "Blackberry Time" by writer Murat Türk and bearing the same name, Dema Dirîreşkan is directed by Haşim Aydemir, author of the film "14 July". Many guerrillas take part in the film, which was shot in the Pencewînî region of South Kurdistan.

Adapted from the book written by Murat Türk based on his own life, the film sheds light on the events that took place in Kurdistan in the 1990s. It tells about the villages burned by the Turkish army, the persecution of the people in Kurdistan, and the resistance by the young Kurdish guerrillas.

The movie Dema Dirîreşkan tells of the struggle of a guerrilla who was injured during a Turkish army attack. He struggled to survive and reach his comrades. It is the story of a guerrilla who is on his way to freedom despite hunger, pain and harsh natural conditions...

Screenings in Paris and Cologne on 21 May

The premiere of Dema Dirîreşkan will be held on 21 May as part of the Paris Kurdish Culture Week. On the same day, there will be a gala in Cologne.

Providing information about the screenings in Europe, producer Serhat Hulaku said that the shooting of the film was made under difficult conditions.

Hulaku stated that the film was screened at festivals in many countries, including Spain, Bangladesh, and the Netherlands, and added: "It will be screened at various festivals in Germany and Switzerland in the future. In France, it will be screened on 21 May as part of the Paris Kurdish Culture Festival. A screening in Cologne is planned on the same day. It will also be shown in many cities such as Hamburg, Kiel and Marseille. We aim to show it in 150 cities across Europe.”