Exhibition in Bielefeld to expose Turkish occupation of Rojava

YXK and JXK opened a photography exhibition at the University of Bielefeld in Germany to draw attention to the Turkish occupation in Rojava.

Yekîtiya Xwendekarên Kurdistan (YXK) and Jinên Xwendekarên Kurdistan (JXK) members opened a photo exhibition at the University of Bielefeld in order to draw attention to the ongoing Turkish occupation attack against Rojava.

The exhibition draws attention to the 9 October occupation of Rojava launched by Turkey and pointed the finger to the complicity of the European and world states in these invasion and genocide attacks.

The exhibition also features footage of protests around the world to express solidarity with Rojava against the occupation.

In addition to images of the fascist Turkish state's cooperation with jihadist gangs, photographs of the Honor Resistance against the occupation in Rojava are also on display.