First Amara Culture, Art and Sports Festival starts tomorrow

All ready for the 1st Amara Culture, Art and Sports Festival to kick off in Shehba tomorrow.

The Syrian Revolutionary Youth Movement will hold the 1st Amara Culture, Art and Sports Festival in Shehba.

The Syrian Revolutionary Youth Movement, with the support of the Afrin Culture and Arts Committee, is organizing the 1st Amara Culture and Art Festival with the slogan "Cultural colour is wealth and beauty".

Cultural, artistic and sports activities will be organised during the festival which will see the participation of the people living in Afrin Canton.

The festival will start tomorrow, Friday, and will last for 3 days. Some 70 different arts and sports groups, are expected to attend the festival. Nine people from the Syrian Revolutionary Youth Movement, the Shehba Culture and Art Committee and the Afrin Youth and Sports Committee take part in the festival preparation committee.

According to the statement made by the festival committee, poetry, songs, Arab folk dances, documentaries and local Kurdish songs will be performed in the first day of the festival, as part of the opening event.

On the second day of the festival, on Saturday, within the scope of sports competitions, basketball, table tennis and 100 meter run competitions will be held at the Babins El-Xumasî stadium in the village of Babinsê in Shehba.

On the third day of the festival, Sunday, a poetry night event, Kurdistan folk dances and a theater play titled "We will succeed" will be performed. Finally, songs and music from the languages ​​of the Turkmen peoples will be performed.