'Gava Şitil Mezin Dibin' premieres today in Kobanê

The movie 'Gava Şitil Mezin Dibin' premieres today. The film strives to reflect the sacrifice, effort, sharing and love that are the product of the Rojava Revolution in the simplicity of everyday life.

The Rojava Revolution also meant a new impulse for arts and culture. It is reflected through many literary and visual works. The premiere of the movie "Gava Şitil Mezin Dibin" (When The Seedlings Grow), directed by Rêger Azad Kaya and produced by the Rojava Film Commune, is taking place today at the Kobanê Baqî Xido Cultural Center.

The premiere of the movie is dedicated to the children who were killed in the airstrikes by the Turkish state in Hesekê and Kobanê in the past weeks.

The film tries to show, on one day of the revolution, that as the new social construction grows like a tree with the revolution, the most effective dynamic that will strengthen that structure is the children.

The film tells the story of Huseyin who lives with his family living in Kobanê. They make a living from selling yogurt. Huseyin and his daughter Zelal set off to the city to sell yogurt.

One day, they missed the bazaar and started walking around the streets, trying to sell the yogurt.

While they are selling, they come across a boy named Hemudê. They start to look for Hemudê’s house while selling yogurt.

Their one-day adventure consists of many misfortunes, and they also witness the social dynamics that have been reshaped by the revolution.

They see a mother keeping watch, protecting her neighbourhood against possible counterrevolutionary attacks; a commune meeting where the problems of the neighbourhood are discussed; workers digging underground tunnels due to war threats; an older woman living with her turtle, who did not leave her home in the neighbourhood which witnessed the most intense battles of Kobanê war.